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I am a data scientist with over 15 years of experience working with data, including everything from scraping and collecting new datasets, to cleaning and building automated pipelines, to building and implementing machine learning models into production. I have spent more days than I care to remember buried in python and SQL scripts working out the best way to extract or model some data, but those are the days I enjoy the most. I also enjoy developing web applications and interactive dashboards (see below).

I currently reside in Vienna, Austria with my wife Nastassja.


Please find below links to various projects I have worked on in recent times:


Please see LinkedIn for full details.


  1. Raf

    Hi Brett, I’m struggling to use your Jsonify It web application. Any chance you can offer a bit of guidance please?

  2. m

    HI Brett, I am so glad to find something to try with nested JSON…however I could not get it to work, could I possibly let you have a look at my source data a bit? i am in oz

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