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I am a data scientist with over 15 years of experience extracting, cleaning, transforming and drawing conclusions from data. I have spent more days than I care to remember buried in python and SQL scripts working out the best way to extract or model some data, but those are the days I enjoy the most. I also enjoy developing simple web applications, making cool visualizations, and playing around with machine learning in R and Python.

Outside of technical pursuits, I enjoy football (soccer), afternoons drinking craft beer and eating good food in hole-in-the-wall settings.

I currently reside in Copenhagen, Denmark with my wife Nastassja.


Please find below links to various projects I have worked on in recent times:


Please see LinkedIn for full details.


  1. Raf

    Hi Brett, I’m struggling to use your Jsonify It web application. Any chance you can offer a bit of guidance please?

  2. m

    HI Brett, I am so glad to find something to try with nested JSON…however I could not get it to work, could I possibly let you have a look at my source data a bit? i am in oz

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