Stats Calculator

An online calculator for hypothesis testing statistics such as statistical power, minimum sample sizes, p values and more. The calculator will also provide you with the full formula showing how the calculation was done, and with charts illustrating the relevant distributions and how your desired statistic will change with increases in sample size/effect size.

stats calculator

Open Flashcards

An application which utilizes data stored in Google Sheets to automatically generate flashcards that can be used to help memorize words, topics or anything else that fits on a card. Once your data is imported, you also have the option to share your flashcards publicly.

online customizable flashcards

JSONify It

An application for converting delimited data (CSV, TSV, spreadsheet data) into JSON, with options available for creating a nested format based on a column or columns of your choosing.

online csv to json converter

Visual Analytics

An application for viewing your Google Analytics data using a range of interactive visualizations designed to help you uncover interesting and useful information.

visual google analytics dashboard