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D3.js: Adding a colored background to a text element

There is no language I find quite so humbling as D3.js. Just when I think I understand it, I get stumped for a whole day trying to do something as simple as adding a colored background to a text element so the letters are readable against the rainbow-colored monstrosity sitting behind it. Well, if you found this post amongst the sea of woefully inadequate advice that I had to wade through, hopefully you have finally found your answer. In short, we are going to look at how to use D3.js to:

  1. Add a rect element for each text element in a dataset.
  2. Set the size of that rect element to match the corresponding text element.
  3. Ensure the rect element sits behind the text element, not on top of it.

Note: for this explainer we are working with D3.js version 6.

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Can’t Get No Satisfaction – Kosovo Mosaic

Last week, one of the cooler projects I have worked on since I started with Open Data Kosovo finally got released to the public. The project was to visualize data collected by a survey called Kosovo Mosaic. This survey is run every three years across all 38 municipalities in Kosovo and asks citizens, among other things, how satisfied they are with a range of services the municipality and government provides. 2015 was the fifth installment of the survey.

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