Saturday, 1 August 2009

Guest Post from Remy Ellis

Narrabundah FC 1

UC 3

The division 5 boys came out of the blocks flying as Tim McConkey scooped the lucky door prize and their table, “Pass the ball Scotty Please”, won the award for best name. As play settled down, they put in a solid if unspectacular early shift to be in 3rd at the first break, only a few points off the lead.

The tapas came out after the break and this clearly lifted the team as they smashed a couple of trivia rounds like if they were playing the kids trivial pursuit questions. The middle section was characterised by the level of teamwork, with all the boys working hard for each other and doing their bit. Highlights included; Remy Ellis doing the most average moonwalk you are ever likely to see so that the team avoided a points penalty; Marko Todoroski sprinting to the carpark to “fetch” the bonus question; and Will Coulter destroying the traditional Spanish wine pitcher. By the end of the second section, “Pass the ball Scotty Please” had built up a 5 point lead and were showing the kind of form that had Mase wishing he had not been relegated to the stands with his family and friends.

The momentum changed early in the third round though, as Renato’s Mexican import was sent off for telling an inappropriate joke. As fatigue and the copious amounts of beer that had been drunk by the table began to take their toll on the remaining members, it was clear that the division 5 boys would have their work cut out to hold on to their lead. There was no better illustration of this than watching 10 grown men struggle through the next question, the Sydney Morning Herald’s kids Sudoku. And by the time the last session of rounds had finished, they had found themselves in a tie for 1st place. It was to be the dreaded penalty shootout (sometimes likened to a coin toss) that was to decide the game.

The night was to end in bitter disappointment as Timmy blasted over the bar in the shootout, bringing back the type of emotions that were felt earlier in the afternoon when we lost 3-1 to UC in hard fought game on a cold and windy pitch.